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A software solution for neonatal health care providers

Mission statement

Improving the lives of sick and preterm infants one breath at a time

NeoCare Innovations' Pedi-Sync a clinical decision-support tool for NICU clinicians.

Our technology provides valuable clinical insights and analysis to provide a consistent and objective tool to assess oral feeding readiness in preterm infants to support discharge

Better-individualized treatment decisions and a confident discharge for every preterm

Objective Data for Neonatal Healthcare Providers

Pedi-Sync generates an oral feeding adaptability score clinicians can use to quantify the preterm infants’ progress to determine a better-individualized care decision and facilitate a confident discharge.

Oral Feeding Adaptability Score

The Pedi-Sync device calculates an Oral Feeding Adaptability Score, a novel and reliable biomarker of neuromaturation and physiology, that aids clinical decision making for preemies.

Better metrics to inform decision making

Improved patient outcome

Confident discharge home to families

Collaborating and Funding Sources